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Hi! My name is Adam and I’m solely behind everything you see and read today.

In 2018 I decided to change my career path to follow an ambition with a passion for candles. I don’t think It’s ever too late in life to make a change and to do something that makes you happy. If you’re truly passionate, motivated and really believe in something, then why not turn it into a reality? Candles have always been in my life, and now they are my life.

The very start of my journey took me to a candle making business course where I learnt, gained knowledge and took on board all the initial fundamentals needed to create a successful product in what is a very tough and competitive industry. It gave me a great insight and vision to where I wanted to be, along with a target to aim for. I remember racing home like Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when he found that golden ticket. Except I just wanted to make a candle!

After months and months of hard work, research, planning and endless experimenting I had created a brand I had always wanted, matched by a fine selection of natural soy wax candles which I’ll always be proud of. On a personal level I had my own golden ticket.

Loyal Candles are personal and individual. I personally create, make, pour and package each and every candle with my own two hands. I’m hugely passionate and proud of every candle I make.

The Loyal Brand

“Adam, describe yourself in 3 words”… “Loyal, Trustworthy and Honest”. “There you go, that’s your brand”. Trust me, it wasn’t that easy up to that point. I guess sometimes it really is just the simplest thing.

For me, loyalty is everything. It’s up there with the other L word. Whether it’s through a relationship, friendship, family or even someone you’ve never met. Loyalty is everywhere, even when we can’t see it, or notice it. It’s an emotion along with trust and honesty that I truly aspire to be in life. It’s certainly something I wanted to base my candles around.

My vision was to create something personal, something that meant something to me and would mean something to others. Equally, without sounding selfish, I wanted to create everything that I would want and look for in a candle. From my personal choice of wax, style of scent, through to the visual look and attraction. Additionally, I then really wanted to think of a way I could express my personality through making my candles. I want to show that I’m passionate and care about what I’m doing by providing not only a loyal, trustworthy and honest service, but a professional, personal and individual one too.

I wanted a candle that not only could people enjoy for themselves, but also one that could be given as a personal and meaningful gift to show love, friendship or simply a sign of appreciation. A LOYAL candle.

So, what’s inside?

All Loyal candles are individually handmade & hand-poured using a beautiful 100% natural soy wax. The wax is natural and kosher. Every Loyal candle promotes and boasts a slow burning and long lasting burn to benefit and maximise the burn time of your candle.

My scents are a self selection of luxurious home fragrances which I’m sure you will love and adore. Beautifully presented, Loyal candles make perfect gifts, or luxury statements that you and your home deserves.

Being a natural wax it is very common to experience uneven surfaces after each burn. This is caused when the hot wax in the melt pool cools and solidifies at an inconsistent rate. This is a sign of a natural soy wax and has absolutely no effect on the quality or performance of the candle. In fact I think it gives out it’s natural character.

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